Bach Flower Therapy for Emotional Balance


Bach Flower Therapy is a holistic way of healing, meaning: we look at the person who has this ailment, instead of looking at the ailment which is suffered by the person. This is contradictionary to regular medicine, which works the other way around.

Bach Flower remedies work on the emotional plain, where, according to Dr. Bach, the cause lies of all suffering of mankind. The remedies are chosen for the emotional characteristics and mental states of a person, and the imbalances in the emotions, restoring the natural balance by unblocking the ability of natural healing of the body and thus restoring the natural feeling of wellbeing. From this follows the return of physical health.

The therapist chooses together with the cliënt the right remedies. This can be done in various ways, but it is essential that you tell about yourself and your problem, and that the therapist listens carefully to you.


The beauty of this therapy lies in its simplicity; anyone can determine, with some study, which remedies are needed for their condition to restore their health and emotional balance.

Pure Energy

Bach Flower Therapy is completely safe, and can be used together with chemical prescription drugs. Furthermore, if by accident the wrong remedy is chosen, this will not affect you or your health, but will leave the body unused.

The remedies contain only the pure energy essence of the flowers, and no actual ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. So they are really completely harmless!

About Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936) and his discovery and foundation of Bach Flower Therapy:

Dr. Bach was working as a bacteriologist and a pathologist in a London Hospital, when he discovered that, while several different people suffered from the same sickness, they reacted differently to being sick. He also noticed, that not everyone reacted similarly to the same vaccins.

He made good progress with his research, but Dr Bach felt it wasn't right to concentrate on diseases and ignore the whole personality. He wanted to approach medicine in a more holistic way. This explains why, not being a homoeopath, he took a job-offer at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital.

Once there he soon noticed the parallels between his work on vaccines and the principles of homoeopathy. He found a series of seven homoeopathic vaccins, which he called "nosodes. This work and its publication brought him some acknowledgement in homoeopathic circles. People began to call him 'the second Hahnemann'.

Up to now Bach had been working with bacteria, but he wanted to find remedies that would be purer . He began collecting plants and in particular flowers in the hope of replacing the nosodes with a series of remedies, that were gentler.

By 1930 he left London to devote his life to finding the Remedies for his therapy. It took him years of testing thousands of plants, but one by one he found the remedies he wanted. By treating the personalities and emotions of his patients, he found that their unhappiness and physical distress was soothed naturally, while the healing principle in their bodies was starting to work again.

Having completed his healing system, he was convinced that it was all anyone would ever need. Nothing was to be changed or added to it. Up to today it is still used with success in its original form.

To visit the website of the Bach Centre and learn more about Bach Flower Therapy, click on the picture of Dr. Edward Bach above.

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