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Unique Gifts for Body & Soul

Why not give your loved one a Unique gift for Body & Soul?

Nowadays everyone is stressed out, and no one seems to have time to relax for a while. If presented whit a gift-certificate for a nice Body & Soul treatment, for instance a nice back massage or a relaxing foot reflexology treatment, people are much more inclined to make time for themselves!

When people feel better, they become nicer to themselves and their environment. This creates better relationships and less undesirable situations, such as illness, depression, fights, anxiety, etc.

Here are some ideas for relaxing and health-improving treatments:

Classic Back-, shoulder- and neck massage: For stress relief and for relief of pain in these areas. Very relaxing!

Reflexology treatments on feet, hands or ears: This is also very soothing, and in the meantime your system is stimulated to resolve any blockages in the energy streams, thus causing healing of many health problems as well as psychological issues.

Bach Flower Therapy: This is for soothing emotional distress, which is seen as the cause of health problems.

Chair Massage: This is a short but very powerful massage, based on ancient Chinese techniques, such as acupressure and Shiat su. Also very relaxing!

Metamorphosis Massage: This is especially helpful when someone finds himself in a transition in life, such as changing jobs, moving house, divorce, becoming new parents, or if one is temporarily feeling lost in life.

Aromatherapy: This can be a remedy for headaches, fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, digestive problems and much more. But above all it brings you in a pleasant mood and makes you feel good!

Chakra-aromatherapy: For balancing the chakras through massage with aromatherapy oils.

Check the latest news on Alternative Health Care here!

Health Beauty Care : Articles, Ebooks, News and Resources on Beauty Tips, Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition and much more.

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