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Scarf Rico Can Can

If you know only the basics of knitting, you Can Can make your own Real Cute Ruffled Scarf in just one evening! These are an absolute hit with my lady friends! I can hardly keep up with the requests…

Above you see a scarf I just started with the Rico Design Can Can ribbon – I just love these colors! (My cat Oreo doesn’t seem to mind either.)

They look real complicated, but if you know just the basics of knitting, you can make your own, easily!! It takes about one evening to make one when you get the hang of it.

For this you use yarn from either Rico Design, type Can Can Creative, or from Katia, type Ondas. I prefer knitting with thick needles (no. 7/European size). Let me show you how,step by step….

Ondas Tutorial 1 1. First unfold the ribbon.

Ondas Tutorial 2 2. Insert the needle through the top edge of the ribbon, first time about 5 inches from the end.

Ondas Tutorial 3 3. Take up 7 stitches this way, leaving a space of approximately 1 inch between each stitch.

Ondas Tutorial 4 4. Now you turn around the needle with the stitches and start knitting: insert second needle in the first stitch, unfold the ribbon, put the edge over second needle and finish stitch.

Ondas Tutorial 5 5. Be sure to always leave a space of about 1 inch between stitches, and always work in garter stitch and along the edge. Made sure not to twist the ribbon! Go back and forth, until your ball of ribbon is finished.

To tie off you work, take over all stitches except the last one on the empty needle. The last one you knit, but with the entire ribbon instead of just the border. Then slip all other stitches one by one over the last (knit) stitch. Pull up this last stitch, then pull the end of the ribbon through the loop. Pull thightly into a knot. With needle and thread in a similar color you sew the ribbon end into the knot of stitches, so it will be invisible. Cut off the remaining bit of ribbon.

Now you need to finish off your beginning: pull this end (doubled up) through a loop at the end of the first row of stitches, pull the end of the ribbon through, pull tight into a knot and sew with needle and thread into the stub to make it invisible. Cut off any remaining ribbon. Your Ruffled Scarf is ready!

Katia Ondas Scarf

With the Katia ribbon (100 gr., 30 meters) you get a ruffled scarf of appr. 100 cm. – it will elongate with use. With the Rico Design Can Can ribbon (200 grs. – 60 meters) you’ll get double length of course… (You could consider making 3 scarves out of 2 balls… Luxury length, and it saves you some money ;-))

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do, and I know they’ll be a great success when you give them away as a present!

By the way, if you have any great ideas for handmade gifts, I’d really love to hear them, so…

Tell me about it!

If you want to share your results, comments, or even your best ideas for projects like this, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below. You can even add some pictures. And, the best submissions will earn their own page on this website!

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