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Yes, you read that right! Free Moneymaker! You can make money without any investment! Read on….

This is an opportunity you really want to check out! It’s a free moneymaker for everyone who will take the effort of going to this website called All Solutions Network. You can even earn $100-$500 within an hour!

Let me explain. This is a website packed with offers, discounts and free stuff. You can shop where you usually shop (Wall-mart, Amazon.com, Ebay, Macy’s, etc.) and get great discounts. And when you get YOUR OWN FREE MONEYMAKER WEBSITE and shop from there, YOU get commissions and earn good money.

The Solutions Network provides more ways to make money than any other business of which I'm aware. Here are the basic principles of how you make money:

Build an organization:, (downline) of members from whom you earn overrides on each and every purchase, sale, quote, free trial, etc... made by everyone in your organization through a full 10 levels. How do you build an organization? JUST GIVE AWAY FREE MONEYMAKER WEBSITES. As many as you can. Your Fast Start Guide shows you how!
Commissions: You earn varying amounts of commissions for each product or service purchased from your website. Anywhere from making $10 for selling a CREDIT REPAIR KIT from your site... to $1,500 or so for a home loan. You even make money on many of the absolutely free services that are provided. So, use the many free advertising sites that we provide for you to promote your site, and it's services. You’ll be provided with information about money making services, pre written ads and pre made links to your money making pages.
Infinity Fund Bonuses: through our unique Infinity Fund system you actually earn money from every purchase and sale that is made... not just from YOUR Free Moneymaker site, or the sites of your downline, but from every purchase and sale of every site in the entire ASN organization-- of over 100,000 sites. This system makes it so simple, that you can actually earn your first check even before you've created ANY downline, Made ANY sales, or even made any purchases.

Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

Specifically, what products and services does your Free Moneymaker website offer?

Everything! Yes, I know, that sounds like kind of a broad generality, but it’s pretty accurate. Seriously, your site offers virtually everything! Even things that you wouldn’t generally think possible…

The best marketing system in the world doesn’t do much good if you don’t have a product or service that people want. That is one of the principles that make this such an incredible opportunity. The products and services your website provides are wanted and needed and consistently used by everyone!


1 If a product or service is ordered from YOUR free moneymaker site, it earns you money. The amount of payment depends on the product or service.

2 If a product or service is ordered from one of your distributor’s site, (a website you gave away), your distributor gets paid for that order. PLUS you get paid for it via your group bonuses and increased infinity bonuses.. The amount depends on the product or service.

3 If a product or service is ordered from THAT DISTRIBUTOR’S SITE, That distributor gets paid the commission, Your distributor gets paid, and YOU get paid. You get paid through a full 10 Levels deep from distributor’s free websites. .

4 If a product or service is ordered from the website of the person who gave you your free moneymaker website (Your Sponsor), part of that income is placed into the INFINITY FUND for payment to you and other members. So, you make money. .

5 If a product or service is ordered from the website of the person who gave your sponsor THEIR website, money is placed into the INFINITY FUND. So, again, you make money. .

With ASN, you literally earn from every purchase, sale, quote, and free trial ordered from every member, every site and every visitor to the entire Solutions Network! .

Think about it… Your website is the equivalent of the world’s largest Super Store. Every item of merchandise or product or service imaginable is available. But YOU have no overhead. No office expense, no employees, no merchandise to stock, no selling or training to do. Every aspect of your business is taken care of by us. .
Your success requires nothing more than that you refer people to your website, promote your services (FOR FREE), and shop from yourself. Just let people know that your “store” is up and operational!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the All Solutions Network Introduction Page , grab your very own Free Moneymaker website, and start making money RIGHT NOW!!!

Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

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