Great Gift Boxes

These cute, Vintage Style Gift Boxes are a great, unique idea for you to present your precious gifts in. Or you can just keep them for yourself, to store small things in…

Gift Boxes Vintage Style

Don’t you just love these cuties? I know your recipients will; mine always do! These are presents of themselves! Great for small gifts like earrings, homemade candies like my Peanut Butter Chocolates , or for giving money instead of the usual envelope!

And you can make them yourself with the free tutorial below! The materials are relatively cheap; blank wooden boxes go from app. $0.60 for the smallest round ones, to app. $3 for the largest round and square ones. They are usually sold at craft stores.

You’ll want to wear old clothes or an apron; although acrylic paint is water based, when dry it becomes pretty permanent!

Working precise will give you the best results, so pay attention to details such as cleaning, abrading and removing any splinters before you start to paint. Of course these are general guidelines; please feel free to use your own imagination! So here goes….

What you need is:
• one or more wooden boxes (make sure the lids fit well but not too tight, before you buy them)
• sandpaper
• acrylic paint in gold and a color of choice
• vintage style pictures like in the picture below, or any other picture you wish to use – you could even paint a picture straight onto the lid yourself if you are smart with the brush…
• glue or Mod Podge
• transparent varnish

vintage style pictures

What you do is:
• abrade and clean your box, inside and out, and remove any splinters
• paint the outside of the box and the inside of the lid in the color of your choice, and the outside of the lid and the inside of the box in gold. Repeat this until the surface is evenly covered
• When dry, apply your picture on the lid with glue or Mod Podge, and if you wish you can put a small picture on the inside of the lid
• When dry, apply transparent varnish. You’ll want to repeat this several times on the top of the lid – this will give a beautiful and rich result, like the picture is covered with glass.
• Now admire your handiwork, and be proud of yourself!

Note: Don't close your gift box too soon, for the lid might stick to the box if the varnish isn’t completely dry. The fit may have become a little tight; you could apply a very little bit of Vaseline to the inside rim of the lid and the top of the box. This helps to resolve the stickiness and to open the box more easily.

Here are some examples of my boxes, so you can see various shapes and colors:

giftboxes copper

giftboxes gold
square giftboxes

various giftboxes

I hope you enjoy making and presenting these beauties! I would love to hear about your results, so….

Tell me about it!

If you want to share your results, comments, or even your best ideas for projects like this, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below. You can even add some pictures. And, the best submissions will earn their own page on this website!

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