Reflexology Therapy Treatment for Body & Soul

Why not treat your loved ones or yourself on a nice, relaxing and health improving Reflexology Therapy treatment?

Most people are very content after enjoying a session, and testify to feeling relaxed, uplifted and refreshed. Many even find they are more clear about what to do about their personal habits or circumstances to improve their life quality.

What is Reflexology Therapy?

This is not a classic massage!

When I first started treating people in my practice, I noticed some surprise and even some disappointment that they were not given a nice foot-rub, but instead were pressed on many points on their feet.

Some points even hurt a bit in some cases, as there were blockages in place! That is why I decided to close the session with an additional, ‘normal’ massage with a nicely scented oil. This tends to satisfy my customers more than when I leave it out.

So, Reflexology Therapy involves the stimulation of the body’s self-healing ability by applying pressure to certain pressure points on the feet, hands or ears.

These pressure points or Reflexology zones are connected to energy pathways, also called meridians. Along these energy pathways lie several organs, glands and tissues. As long as energy flows freely through these meridians, the body functions well.

These blockages however can be detected and cleared away by Reflexology therapy. In this way sickness and pain can be prevented.

But as soon as there are blockages in the meridians, energy flow is hindered, so that some organs get too much energy, and others don’t get enough.

This causes a lessened vitality and weakness or even sickness in the organs, but it can also lead to imbalances in emotions, eventually resulting in depression, anger, stress and such. Everyone knows this is detrimental to health.

Causes of Energy Blockages
Many habits or circumstances can cause these blockages, for instance:

- Eating the wrong food
- Bad habits like smoking, too much alcohol, too much sugar
- Not enough exercise
- Stress
- Negative emotions or hidden, unprocessed emotions, old grief
- Congenital weaknesses
- And many more ....


As mentioned before, Reflexology therapy is working preventively. So many people, once they have cleared up their blockages and imbalances, return to undergo preventive sessions, and also to get some stress relief.


Reflexology therapy is holistic; meaning: the whole person is taken into consideration, and not only the sickness or pain, or whatever issue that person is dealing with.

Physical complaints are often only symptoms of problems on a much deeper level; this is why all of the Reflexology points are treated.

Which complaints can be soothed or even solved?

- Migraine and headaches
- Menstrual problems
- Neck- and back problems
- High and low bloodpressure
- Stress-related problems
- Digestive problems
- Lessend resistance to illness
- Fertility problems
- And many more …

If needed, dietary or other lifestyle advice is given. It is of course up to the client to take it or leave it …. But at least one is made aware of the cause of the problem.

Reflexology zones

Originally, reflexology was discovered by Dr. William Fitzgerald. He divided the body in 10 zones which he projected on the feet.

He found, that when pressure was excercised on a certain point in one zone, corresponding organs, glands and tissues in the body in that particular zone were influenced.

Then he made a chart of all the zones and pressure points, and the corresponding organs, glands and tissues. Hence the term “Reflexology zones”.

The technique is based on ancient Eastern medicine, such as Acupuncture and Acupressure. The Acupuncture points and the Reflexology pressure points partly overlap.

In short:

Reflexology is a relaxing, soothing and health-promoting form of therapy, also working preventively, and clearing the mind on one’s way of life, and any changes that need to be made in some occasions.

Notice: in certain cases Reflexology Therapy can not be applied, such as bruises, burning wounds, sprained ankles, athlete’s foot.

A session takes about 45 – 60 minutes, and costs about $ 35

As all of the items on this website, this may be a truly unique gift, speaking of Love and Care.

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