Tremendous Table Top

Table top

This Gorgeous Vintage Style design is just one way to renovate your worn tabletop!

Born out of necessity of renovating my really ugly, worn table top and a whole heap of vintage style images was the inspiration for this tremendous tabletop.

I’ll show you how to do a similar renovation yourself! Just follow the guidelines below, but by all means use your own creativity! You’ll end up with a truly unique piece of furniture!

What you need is:
• A table top or other piece of furniture you wish to renovate (anything will actually do)
• Sandpaper
• Acrylic paint for first layer which will show through the cracks in your top layer
• Crackle medium (Decorfin or any other brand, available at your craft store)
• Acrylic paint for top layer which will crackle (don’t use metallic paint – this won’t crackle!)
• Paintbrush
• Tray for paint
• Vintage style images like in the picture below, or any other images you wish to use (a whole lot of them!)
• Transparent glue or Mod Podge
• Transparent high gloss varnish

Vintage Style Pictures

What you do is:
• Abrade surface with sandpaper and clean thoroughly
• Paint in the color you want to show through the cracks in your top layer (I used a multi-color scheme, just because I couldn’t decide ;-)). Let this dry.
• Now apply the crackle medium. Let dry for about 1 hour (it should be dry to the touch; as soon as this is the case you proceed. If not, wait a little longer).
Note: A thick layer of crackle medium gives you wider and bigger cracks; a thin layer gives a much finer result.
It depends on your taste which way to go. Also, if you use a paintbrush (both with the crackle medium and the paint) your crackle will be much more pronounced than when you use a roller.
My experience is that the results are somewhat of a surprise, especially when your surface isn’t quite flat. My table top was somewhat warped, so the crackle medium flowed into the depressions, giving me wide crackle on one spot and fine crackle on the other. Altogether it made a very nice result with this variation….

Crackle Detail

• Now you choose and apply your top color. Don’t try to be overly precise by going over it again and again; this will ruin your crackle! Try to get it right in one stroke or two at the most if you must. So take enough paint on your brush to accomplish this. You’ll see cracks appear almost immediately, but it will take awhile before all the cracks have appeared. So don’t panic if you do not see all that much at first! Let dry thoroughly.
• Now the real fun starts! If you can get your hands on pictures like mine (see photo above) you have to cut off all the joining bits of paper. Otherwise, cut out shapes from pieces of vintage wallpaper or beautiful paper napkins.
• Arrange to your satisfaction, into a collage or by their own, then glue them to your crackled surface. Let dry.

Table top detail

Tabletop Corner detail

• Now apply several layers of transparent, high gloss varnish. I used varnish for wooden floors, to prevent my handiwork from damage.
• Now stand back and admire your newly created piece of art, and be proud!

I wish you lots of fun & success with this project. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think, so…..

Tell me about it!

If you want to share your results, comments, or even your best ideas for projects like this, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below. You can even add some pictures. And, the best submissions will earn their own page on this website!

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