Things Remembered

The Art of Giving is making your Gifts into Things Remembered. It is an Art with many aspects – not just simply Unique Gift Ideas.

But first of all: think of finding Things Remembered as an adventure instead of something that has to be done. That way it’ll be fun for both parties!

"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness"

Giving is an Art. I just love to put a smile on someone’s face by giving a great, unique gift that will be a thing remembered, so I do love shopping for gifts. But there is more to Giving than meets the eye. Some of the following tips are from dear friends and family members, and most are based on personal experience!In the menu on the left you’ll find ideas for gifts; this page is dedicated to other aspects of giving.

• First of all it will be a good idea to find out what your recipient would like to have in order to find a gift that will be remembered. Ask discretely around, and keep your ears and eyes open!

• Struggling with a small or even non-existing Gift Budget? One or more of these Tips for your Gift Budget could provide the solution to your problems!

• You also might like our Affordable Gift Ideas! Even the most inexpensive gift can be turned into something that will be remembered!

• What makes your gift Super Romantic? Here you will find suggestions for your Romantic Gifts. We also provide some creative ways to fan the flames of Romance with a stunning Romantic Gift Presentation , that will knock the socks off of your Object of Desire. This way your Gifts will truly be Things Remembered!

Soon to come:

• You’ll probably have had your surprise spoiled once or twice…. Here you’ll find in the near future some advice on How To Keep A Surprise A Secret for exploring kids of all ages!

• Nowadays shopping online is very common. You can order via the Internet if you take some simple precautions. Soon we’ll provide some important tips for you to consider.

• We regularly send gifts by mail, also overseas, without any reports of damage. We will soon provide you with tips on how to best package your gift for transport, and we’ll also ply you with information about Shipping Companies.

• Gift cards and Gift certificates are very suitable for a present; your recipient can decide for her or his own what to buy or when to cash in this gift! We’ll review different types of cards, and also talk about the pro’s and con’s.

Dmoz offers a great directory of websites on any subject.

"A Gift From The Heart Is A Thing Remembered"

On Giving by Robert Graves

Those who dare give nothing
Are left with less than nothing;
Dear heart, you give me everything,
Which leaves you more than everything-
Though those who dare give nothing
Might judge it left you less than nothing.

Giving you everything,
I too, who once had nothing,
Am left with more than everything
As gifts for those with nothing
Who need, if not our everything,
At least a loving something.

Note: Although this website is not yet complete, I am working at it with much pleasure. It’s great fun to build your own website - kind of like magic how it appears from under your fingertips…

You can do this too! Finally start doing what you always wanted to….

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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