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Looking for Affordable Gift Ideas? You have more possibilities than you might think!

Duifje met vergeetmijnietjes

Affordable Gifts certainly do NOT mean: gifts of inferior quality.
Many of our Affordable Gift Ideas will please your recipient and your wallet!

Do you have little or no money for Gifts? Don’t panic! With a little creativity and some suggestions from us, you will obtain great inexpensive gift ideas, which will be highly appreciated by your recipients for the effort you put into them.

Home-made Gifts

You really don’t have to be an artist to make a unique gift, that will mean a lot to your recipient. Here are some examples:

Favorite Music Collection - Burn a CD with your recipient’s favorite songs. Make a nice personal CD cover, wrap it as creatively as you can think of, and voila! Your Gift is ready!

Green Gift - Take some seedlings of your own house-plant, or go to the market-place to buy a nice plant. Put it in a beautiful (home decorated) container. Wrap nicely, and you’re done.

Home Cookin’ - Bake a cake or some delicious cookies, or make something else yummy, put it on a nice plate, wrap in cellophane, attach a sweet note or nice gift tag, and Presto!

Photo’s - Always a great gift! The Grandparents will be delighted with a framed picture of their offspring. You also can create a small album with pictures and comments of a nice outing or a party, or some other memorable occasion. You can also have your photo’s printed on mugs, placemats, etc. And with special transfer-paper and you printer you can put anything you want on a t-shirt!

In our Handmade Gifts & Ideas section you’ll find more ideas, along with patterns, recipes, and manuals…..

Also, check out this great website:

1,000s of Creative Gifts!
Shop for the most creative people on your list, with thousands of artsy, creative gifts to choose from! Get inspired at Artella Land!

Lending A Hand

Giving of Yourself is the Best Gift Ever

Creating a “Chore Box” will show this to children. Daddies can help the kids making one for Mothers Day, with vouchers for several chores, such as: sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, cleaning their bedroom, mowing the lawn, put the garbage outside, walking the dog…

Grown-up friends you can help with big projects. Offer to spend a day or a weekend together to get the job done – be flexible ! You could help painting the house, building that fence, cleaning up the garage, changing rooms, etc. Such projects might be too big for your friend to take on by him/herself, but your offering help can be a Gift Idea you can afford, and it will be appreciated highly!

Bring whatever you can afford: snacks, drinks, music, tools, materials, etc. Your help could mean the difference between getting the job finally done or letting it go forever. If you pay attention and listen closely, you will know what needs to be done.

You could also offer to plan the project together, making blueprints, and learning a new skill if needed. That way you can really help instead of getting in the way! And don’t forget to bring your camera!

Another very welcome gift of your time:

Every caretaker will appreciate it highly, if they are granted a day or a weekend of free time. Caretakers need some time for themselves every now and then, to relax and rest, and refresh their energy. They will welcome the change of schedule, environment or activity!

A day of shopping, a night out, a weekend away from home – this can make a big difference!

Offer to babysit or watch granny for a day or night, take them with you for a day out, or better yet, a weekend to stay at your home. Such breaks from everyday – all day caring are great Affordable Gift Ideas!

Pimp your Modest Gift

With a little imagination and creativity you can make something special from anything. Add something to your modest gift, and it will be unique!

Homemade sweets: Find a nice container such as a tin, glass bowl or plate at your convenience store. These can be used afterwards for other purposes!

A couple of cheap mugs or tea-glasses: Fill them with coffee, tea or mix for hot chocolate.

Beautiful Stationary and envelopes: Add a booklet of stamps and/or a nice pen.

A CD (for a teenager): Add a wall poster of the artist.

You could also decorate your presents. Does she love roses? Buy something in a plain color, and paint, glue or embroider some roses on it. That way your present will be truly unique!

Creative Gift Presentations

Enhance the effect of your Affordable Present by presenting it in a creative way. Browse our page

"Creative Giftwrapping Ideas" for suggestions and inspiration on how to wrap any gift.

Are you finding yourself strapped for cash when it's time to buy a gift? With our Tips for your Gift Budget you can stop scraping and start relaxing!

Keep in mind that it is the idea that counts – not the price.
With your imagination and creativity you can make something special out of anything!

Do you have any great ideas or suggestions for Affordable Gift Ideas? Tell us about them! Just fill in the form below, and don't worry... We won't share your e-mail address with anyone else!

Tell me about it!

If you want to share your results, comments, or even your best ideas for projects like this, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below. You can even add some pictures. And, the best submissions will earn their own page on this website!

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