Creative Ideas for Giftwrapping that will steal the show!

Whatever the occasion, it is always more than nice to get compliments for your present, even before it’s opened! Here you’ll find some creative ideas for giftwrapping your present, so you can steal the show!

The Basics

Check before you start….
Did you remove the price tag? Don’t forget to include the manual! Maybe the gift operates on batteries – you could also add these.

Some presents are better off being placed in a box – clothing, breakables and such. Or you don’t want your recipient to guess what the present will be from first glance.

Line your box with tissue paper and fold the sides over the present. Box too big? Fill the empty spaces with loosely crumpled pieces of tissue paper, to prevent shifting of the contents.

Use your giftwrapping paper efficiently
First of all, shop for pretty looking gift-wrapping papers. Keep in mind the taste of your recipient, as well as the occasion.

Just cut the amount you need off the roll of paper – that way you’ll have something left for gifts to come. And your gift will look better for it: excess paper makes your package look sloppy and gets in the way when you want to wrap your gift.

To measure the length of paper you will need, place your box on the paper, about two inches from the edge. Roll the object all the way around, and add another two inches. Here you cut the paper. For the sides of your box the length of the paper should be no more than ¾ of the height.

Wrap neatly
This is essential to making your gift look professionally wrapped! Fold the paper smoothly and tightly around the object and around the corners. Make sharp, crisp folds, and keep the paper in place while you tape it shut.

Use beautiful ribbons
This will really make your gift look great! Nice ribbons are available in abundance in the Holiday season. Buy them for any occasion you can think of, and then some… Broad ribbons look the best on your gift package! Tie beautiful bows with them. This video will show you how to make a pompom bow with wired ribbon. You'll also find other great ideas on that page!

Money Gifts

Did your recipiënt ask specifically for money? Here is a great idea to present it:

Make a Money Tree
Buy a small tree shaped plant and put it in a nice container. Now take the amount of money you want to give in single dollar bills (which you save up beforehand!), and fold them harmonica style. Bind them in the middle with a piece of ribbon, and tie them to the branches of you “Money Tree”! Success guaranteed!

Soon we will provide you with some special techniques on giftwrapping and bow-tying.

With some skill and creativity your gift will be “too pretty to open”!

Do you have any suggustions on how to gift-wrap a present in a unique and creative way? Any success stories? Please let us know! Maybe we'll put your story on this page!

Tell me about it!

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