Lovely Heart Granny Blanket

This Lovely Heart Granny Blanket is truly a delight to have in your home, and it’s fun an not too difficult to make with the crochet pattern below.

Heart Granny Blanket

This Heart Granny Blanket is made with 48 Heart Granny Squares and four different colors of acrylic yarn, all about the same weight – 100 grs./250 m. But of course you are free to make it as big or as small as you want.

You can choose any colors you like, make all the Heart Granny Squares the same or all different for that matter. Just let your imagination run free!

If you want to plan your blanket ahead, you can download and use this template to fill in the colors in advance, and crochet your blanket accordingly.

So, here we go…

Heart Granny Blanket Crochet Pattern

Heart Granny Square

Crochet the amount of Heart Granny Squares (view the pattern by clicking the photo) you need for your blanket, using yarn in the colors of your choice.

You can either sew them together, or crochet them together using half crochet stitches and joining the squares in the outer threads of the stitches along the sides. I used different colors of yarn for this, to get seams of different colors. First sew the long strips, then join these together to form your blanket.

For the edging you crochet all around the blanket:
Round 1:Start in a corner chain space by joining your yarn with a slipstitch, chain 4, *1 half crochet, 3 chain, repeat from * untill you come around, join with a slipstitch in the second chain.

Round 2: In the same chain st. crochet 3 chain st. (counts as first treble)-1 treble-1 chain-2 treble, chain 3, *1 half crochet in the next half crochet of the previous round, chain 3, (2 trebles-1 chain-2 trebles) in the next half crochet, chain 3, repeat from * until you come around. Join with a slipstitch into the 3rd beginning chainst. You should have (2 trebles-1ch-2trebles) in each corner.

Round 3:Slipstitch into second treble and 1 chain space of previous round, chain 3 (counts as first treble), 2 trebles, 1 picot (= 2 slipstitch, insert hook in first slipstitch and make a half crochet), 3 trebles, chain 4, *1 half crochet in next half crochet of the first round, chain 4, (3 trebles- 1 picot-3 trebles) in next 1 chain space of previous round, chain 4, repeat from * until you come around again. Join with slipstitch in 3rd chain of beginning chains. Fasten off.

Now stand back and admire your handiwork! You just finished your own Heart Granny Blanket!

If you enjoyed making this pattern, or if you have some great patterns or ideas of your own, we would love to hear and see them, so….

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