Metamorphosis Massage
for Balance in Your Life

What is Metamorphosis Massage?
This is NOT a make-over! It is a massage of the feet, hands and head. It brings you back to your core, your inner knowing, realigning your thoughts with your feelings. This way you gain insight into the purpose of your life. It returns you to your true life’s path.

This is why this treatment can bring about change in the lives of many people – hence the name. This is a soft massage, which is very relaxing.

For Whom?
This is suitable for almost everyone who wants change in life, or who wants to learn to cope with changes in life which are occurring now.

For instance:
• moving house
• loss of a loved one
• divorce
• living together, marriage
• childbirth
• loss of employment, new job
• etc

For whom not?
This treatment is NOT suitable for people with severe depressions or those who consider suicide, for it can bring about severe emotional reactions.

In short: Metamorphosis Massage
• breaks negative patterns which have existed sometimes for years
• helps giving you a new outlook on life
• helps gaining new insights
• gives you new possibilities
• realigns your thoughts with your feelings


Other great treatment gifts are:
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Reflexology Therapy

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