Colorful Rainbow Blanket

Rainbow Blanket

This colorful Rainbow Blanket is surprisingly easy and fun to make, and you can use all the colors you like!

I love this pattern, because it can be done while watching television or listening to your favourite music; you don’t have to think about it much. As you can see above, I used many different colors of acrylic yarn, all about the same weight – 100 grs./250 m.

For the center I used a Heart Granny Square (view the pattern here), but you can also start in the usual way, with four groups of 3 trebles and 2 chains.

So, here we go…

Rainbow Blanket Crochet Pattern

Stitches used:
treble crochet

Start with a Heart Granny Square. Repeat the last round as follows: Join a new colour of yarn in one of the corners with a slipstitch. Crochet 2 trebles – 2 chains -3 trebles in the 2 chain-space of the corner. Continue with 1 chain – 3 trebles in each 1 chain-space of the previous round. In the corners crochet 3 trebles – 2 chains – 3 trebles. Fasten off.

Each round contains one group of trebles more than the previous round.

Repeat until you think your blanket is big enough. You can leave the edge as is.

Have Fun!

By the way, you can also make a pillowcase to go with your new blanket. Just crochet a small version of your blanket, in the right size, twice. Join these two squares while crocheting the last round of the second square, as follows:

Instead of crocheting 2 chains in the corners and 1 chain between groups of trebles on the sides, put your hook under the opposite chain space of the first square, yarn over and make a half crochet. Leave enough space to put in your pillow, and close the gap. Use a matching uni-color pillow in the right size to fit into your pillowcase.

I'd love to see your results, or hear about any fun patterns you might have, and so would other visitors. So....

Tell me about it!

If you want to share your results, comments, or even your best ideas for projects like this, or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below. You can even add some pictures. And, the best submissions will earn their own page on this website!

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