How To Express Your Feelings with a Romantic Gift

Offering of True Love

Isn’t the feeling of being in love the greatest feeling of all?

You want to show your feelings to your loved one, but are at a loss on how to go about finding and presenting your best gift ever…

Romance is all about feeling connected, flirting, intimacy, privacy and a bit of secrecy. You’ll want to put some of YOU into your gift, to make it special. It is not so much about the gift itself, as it is about your intention to show your loved one how special he or she is to you, and how much you care.

Here you’ll find some great ideas on presenting your gift as romantically and originally as possible, as well as some tips on how to make it personal.

How To Show Your Feelings With a Gift

Be as personal as you can be

• Your lover’s preferences should be more important than your own – for instance: tickets to a show instead of tickets to a football match you would rather go to; a Chinese restaurant instead of Italian, which you prefer.

• Be sure to let your gift be about the two of you – memories of shared and treasured moments, something you both would like to do ore have, etc.

• If your relationship is in the early stage, do NOT even think of giving sexy stuff, such as lingerie or adult games. It might be perceived as pushy, and chase your object of desire away. Wait until your relationship has entered the intimate stage… And even then make sure your lover likes

Add a Personal touch in Writing

Love Pen

A sweet message, straight from your heart, will always be appreciated highly! These notes will be kept for years, and read over and over again!

• Add a note or a Love letter to your gift, and it doesn’t matter what you give – your lover will remember this forever! You can create one of your own, or maybe use an existing poem that reflects your feelings exactly. Just write about how your lover makes you feel, what it is that you love about him or her, etc.

Make your Love grow! Write your Love letter on Seed Paper , which will grow wildflowers if planted. A very Romantic symbol of your growing Love!

• You can also create a little diary, writing each day about your feelings for your loved one for a couple of days or weeks, adding pictures or drawings…

Romantic Couple

Romantic Gift Ideas

The Top 3 Traditional Romantic Gifts are of course:

Flowers, especially roses. But you can also give a nice bouquet of mixed flowers in your lover’s favourite colours. If he or she has a green thumb, you can shop for a nice flowering plant, or make an arrangement of plants yourself.

Chocolates or other sweets.. Look for specially wrapped candies or bonbons, or heart-shaped candies. Home-made cakes or other sweets are also very nice…

Jewellery. A nice necklace or bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant, or lock-and-key pendants is a great gift. Or what about a heart-shaped pendant which divides in two halves, so you can give one half to your love, and keep the other half?

In any case, shop for quality! Better to give something small but beautiful than something big but fake and looking cheap. Buy something you can afford; remember it’s the idea that counts!

And gentlemen: careful about giving a ring! You don’t want to give her the impression you are proposing marriage if you don’t have any plans in that direction!

Some Alternative suggestions:

An invitation to a romantic adventure. Doing something together that you’ll both enjoy will enhance your relationship and bring the two of you closer. You can go hiking, spend a day at the beach, go sailing, learn a new skill, go play a game, go for a picnic in the woods..

Start a treasure chest of Memories. Add photo’s, ticket stubs, mementos of romantic trips or events, a small notebook with written memories, little tokens you gather… Every now and then look at the contents of you Treasure Chest together – guaranteed Romantic Moments!

Romance Coupons. Create a booklet of coupons, redeemable for all kinds of experience gifts, such as: a night at the theatre, dinner, a nice back rub, all kinds of chores, a free “I’m Sorry”….

Make something yourself. A handmade gift, if made with care and love, shows you care enough to take the trouble to make something special for that special person.
Girls, if you like to crochet, consider making an item with these LOVEly Heart Granny Squares .... A pillow or even a blanket might be just the right gift!
Or how about something tasty? These scrumptious Peanut Butter Chocolates are ridiculously delicious!
Or try our Heart shaped, savory Cheese Snacks . They are quick and easy to make, and guaranteed to please! Check out our Handmade Gifts & Ideas section for more suggestions.

The Bottom Line is: Put Your Heart Into the Giving, and You Can’t Go Wrong!

Want to know how to present your Gift in the Most Romantic way? Check out our Romantic Presentation page!

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