Tips for your
Gift Budget

Here you’ll find some tips and suggestions for creating and managing a Gift Budget, so you can relax when the Giftshopping Season comes aroud again!

Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings….. There seems to be no end to your list of Gift Giving occasions… But your money ends all too soon! I know the feeling, but when I started to create a Gift Budget, I found that I could relax instead of stress out when the time came around again to buy presents.

So, here are my tips. Not hard to follow; not even very original. I’m not promising a Magic Solution; just some common sense practical advice. But it works!

Set up a special savings account for your Gift Budget. You can make deposits monthly to this account. You could even set up to make automatic deposits, so you won’t forget to do it manually. If you have a bank-card for this account, stash it way back in your wallet, so you won’t be tempted to use it for other expenses.

Keep track of your savings and expenses. Set up a Gift Budget Balance, and keep it up to date. That way you’ll always know how much you can spend!

Control yourself! Don’t spend this money on anything else. I know you will be sorely tempted when money’s thight, but remember your stress when coming up broke while you still have to buy several gifts… Be strong, and you’ll thank yourself later!

Spread your Christmas shopping. Spring Discounts, Summer Sale, Special Prices… These are all great occasions to buy gifts for less money than you would pay in the Holiday season. That way you’ll save money and Christmas Shopping stress!

Look around wherever you are. When you are abroad on a vacation, look for local art, handcrafted pottery, rugs, or anything else that is attractive. These make great gifts for birthdays and such. So while shopping for souvenirs, keep in mind your gift-list.

And last but not least…..

My Best Tip Ever!

Are you saving small change? Then you know how it is… Easy to grab for lunch money, paying the paper-boy, pocket-money for the kids.. It never seems to amount to much. And it’s cumbersome to spend in shops – you have to go to the bank to change it for dollar bills.

Try saving $5 bills! This works much better. Why?

• $1 bills are also too easy to grab for lunch-money etc., but $5 will be painful to your gift-budget…

• Putting aside $10 bills may make too big a hole in your overall budget, while $5 is much less noticed.

• When buying items that cost less than $5, you can usually come up with some $1 bills and small change, thus avoiding spending a $5 bill, which you can put aside.

• When you have to pay more than $5, think if you really want or need the item. This also helps with your overall budget!

• When you do have to break a $10 or $20 bill, you usually get back a $5 bill. This you can put aside for your Gift Budget.

• Whenever you receive a $5 bill, put it in a special compartment of your purse or wallet, so you won’t spend it on something else.

• Returning home, put your $5 bills in a special box, maybe even one with a lock. Hide it in a place where you can’t see it, so you won’t be easily tempted to take money from it.

• Bundle your saved bills to keep your box tidy. You need only 20 $5 bills to make a bundle of $100 ! That happens sooner than you might think!

• Deposit your $100 bundles in your special Gift Budget savings account, if you have one.

Over time you will find yourself putting $5 bills aside without even thinking about it. That way you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year for your Gift Budget!

I hope my tips were helpful to you! Do you have any tips or suggestions for Gift Budgetting? Please let us know! Just fill out the form below… Don't worry, we will not share your e-mail address with anything else!

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